CrySearch Memory Scanner

Welcome to the CrySearch website. CrySearch is a lightweight memory scanner application written in C++. Its purpose is analysis, debugging and memory modification. CrySearch is a Cheat Engine-like application, but because my taste and feel is different, my application works in quite a different way, with a few features that are not included in Cheat Engine. I designed the user interface in a way that the toolbar should provide program flow for the user. Cheat Engine's user interface is very populated and the actual disassembling tools are particularly hidden away in the memory viewer. I tend to differ from this approach. I value input from the community, which is why I released CrySearch a few years ago on UnknownCheats.

Not even closely every feature I desire is included. Many updates will come, with I hope, a lot of features and fixes supplied by the community. After all, I want this to be a nice community tool and published the source code for learning purposes. I certainly enjoyed building the software. My time is now limited to extend CrySearch, but who knows what will come in the future.

CrySearch is only available for Windows, both x86 and x64. The binaries are available on the downloads page. A quick link to the binaries of the current version is listed below.

Current version: 3.3

Filename Release date File type SHA256
CrySearch v3.3 18-11-2018 zip b26a310c38956532f5c06dfa487390d68ab3d515d9aae7779f5921574857d3dd

CrySearch is open source software. The sources are available on Bitbucket.

Refer to the release notes here.

Security Research

A page with my security research is now work in progress, and it is located here.